What to see in Venice with children

What to see in Venice with children

Here at the Alle Guglie Hotel we often have families visiting Venice for a few days and it’s not rare for us to be asked what to see in Venice with children, especially when infants hence a museum wouldn’t be an appropriate location for them (although there’s museum and museum, we’ll see along with the article). 

This is why we thought to write this short guide with the advice we usually give to those who choose us for their stay.

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection organises workshops for children

Coming to Venice with children does not necessarily mean renouncing a visit to any museum. Of course, it depends a lot on the age of your children, but some solutions will help them approach to culture in a playful and carefree way, such as the workshops of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, dedicated to children from 4 to 10 years old. 

It is possible to take part in the workshops free of charge every Sunday at 3 p.m., after booking through the dedicated page.

Natural History Museum: a plunge into world history

A museum created inside a fondaco, the Fondaco dei Turchi, a former warehouse from the early Middle Ages, built by Giacomo Palmieri, founder of the Pesaro family. From 1621, the Serenissima gave it to Turkish merchants for use as a dwelling and goods warehouse. 

Today, this architectural marvel hosts the Natural History Museum, a museum suitable for everyone, young and old, now also interactive.

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Doge’s Palace and the secrets of the Prisons

The Doge’s Palace is a fascinating place for adults and children, with all its different rooms, large windows, secret passages and the Palace of Prisons that can be reached by crossing the narrow Bridge of Sighs. Visiting it together with your children will be an unprecedented adventure that will leave the whole family with a special memory of Venice and its history.

For every child his Carnival mask, thanks to the mask workshops.

There are many workshops scattered around the city where you can create your very own Carnival mask. This is usually an activity that children enjoy very much and we can recommend several shops and mask workshops where you can have this experience. Feel free to stop for a few minutes with us at reception to ask which workshop is closest to the hotel.

A day by the sea on the Lido di Venezia

Venice is not only culture but also fun and relaxation, so why not dedicate a day to sunbathing and taking a dip in the sea? The Venice Lido is about half an hour by vaporetto from our hotel, easy to reach and with plenty to discover besides the beach. 

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A gondola ride for the whole family

A gondola ride with the kids? Fun is guaranteed, but be careful not to lean out too far!

The gondola is a special boat, unique in its kind, and of unparalleled charm, but to fully enjoy the tour you need to make sure the children stay seated for the duration, for safety reasons. We’re sure it won’t be difficult, especially if you choose the tour of Venice’s internal canals, full of curiosities and with surprises at every turn!