Venice Lido what to see in 1 day

Cosa vedere al Lido di Venezia

Although best known for being home to the annual Venice International Film Festival, Lido di Venezia is much more than that – it’s a little treasure trove of unexpected wonders. 

If you are planning to come to Venice in summer or spring, including the Lido of Venice among the things to see could be an opportunity to spend a day at the beach: a perfect way to regain strength after a couple of days spent walking around the city and discovering its museums, don’t you agree?

Let’s see what to see on the Lido of Venice in 1 day.

The Murazzi

Walking along the beach, between Ca’ Bianca and the Alberoni area, you will notice that an imposing dam has been built, conceived by the Venetians back in the 1700s to defend the banks from the erosion of the lagoon waters. They are a historical construction that used to be made of stones and wooden piles, but as you can well imagine, it had a very short life and so it was replaced by this wall of large boulders.

Granviale Santa Maria Elisabetta

The main street of Lido, is the one that leads from the vaporetto landing stage to the beaches. It is a relaxing walk, to be enjoyed at leisure, perhaps eating good ice cream or taking the opportunity to do a bit of shopping. Once on the beach, you can continue your walk with your feet in the sand: a panacea for your health!

Cycling from Lido to Pellestrina

One of the things to do on Venice Lido is to take a bike tour to Pellestrina island, located nearby the Lido, where you can enjoy more tranquility. 

Our suggestion is to visit the entire island by bike, taking advantage of the cycle path to reach the various points of interest in Lido and then spend a few hours on the beach nearby Pellestrina to rest your legs at the end of the tour. 

The tour is feasible for everyone, as it is all flat and you can stop at any time along the way.


Malamocco is the oldest part of the city, the place where the government of the Serenissima once had its seat and later moved to San Marco. Strolling here will be like going back in time, to an almost forgotten Venice for which you will always feel a little nostalgic.

Church of San Nicolò

This church is not very well known, but it is very important for Venetians: still today the mass following the Sposalizio del Mare is celebrated here, a ceremony that takes place on the day of the Festa della Sensa (in May) and that remembers the eternal pact between Venice and its waters, just like in the past. 

Inside the church are also the relics of St Nicholas of Bari.

Jewish Cemetery

Few people know that Lido di Venezia is home to one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in Europe, which is well worth a visit, of course, always with full respect for the Jewish community and the people who rest here.