What to see in Venice for free

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Although Venice is known to be one of the most expensive cities in the world, there are things you can see and visit for free. In this article, you will discover the most interesting ones and not be missed!

The Jewish Ghetto

The area of the Jewish Ghetto, one of the oldest in Europe, a few steps from our hotel, can be visited completely free of charge, discovering curious corners such as the Banco Rosso, in Campo del Gheto Novo. 

This is what remains of one of the three pawnshops that existed here; its name comes from the colour of the receipts that were issued. 

Visits to the synagogues and the Jewish Museum are for a fee. 

Acqua Alta Bookshop

This bookshop is something truly ‘Instagrammable’, filled to the brim with books of all kinds on shelves, boats, tubs and even a gondola!

At the back, a small courtyard houses a staircase made of books, giving access to the view of the canal behind. 

If you’re looking for a book, any book, ask the owner, he knows the location of each one, even if on the surface it looks like there is no real order. 

Ah, don’t forget to greet the cat-keeper as soon as you cross the threshold!

Basilica of the Madonna della Salute

Among the things to see in Venice for free is one of the city’s most famous and important churches: the Basilica della Madonna della Salute, built by the Serenissima to thank the Virgin Mary for having eradicated the plague epidemic that was killing the city between 1630 and 1631. 

Inside, stop to observe the beauty of the main altar, with an effigy of the black Byzantine Madonna in the center, surrounded by three statues: the Virgin Mary, the Plague and Venice.

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St Mark’s Basilica

St Mark’s Basilica is also among the things that can be visited in Venice free of charge, although we always suggest discovering it with a guide, given the many Byzantine mosaics inside and the many stories it tells. 

Fondaco dei Tedeschi viewing terrace

Since the Fondaco dei Tedeschi has been restored to its original splendour, housing a luxury shopping center with no less than 65 different shops inside, the panoramic terrace on the top floor has also been made accessible free of charge. 

The view from here is spectacular: a breathtaking 360° panorama over the roofs of Venice and the Grand Canal. 

To go up, simply book your visit on the Fondaco dei Tedeschi website… and don’t forget to take a selfie!