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Du 10 mars 2010 au 31 décembre 2010

Natural History Museum at Fondaco dei Turchi Venice

Museo Storia NaturaleThe Natural History Museum of Venice is going to open again from March 10, 2010 with a restored and welcoming venue for the scientific and naturalistic education of new generations in particular. This new and fascinating exhibition is held at the Fondaco dei Turchi in Venice, very closed to the Hotel Alle Guglie, and has new eleven rooms, a new reception area and big garden outside the building. A museological approach and a museological system, both of them with a  modern and original scheme. After the total restoration carried out over the last few years, which led to the reorganisation and updating of the museum system, and after the complete restoration of the collections (which cover a chronological scale spanning 700 million years, with two million exhibits; zoological, entomological and botanic collections; fossils and anatomical preparations, as well as ethnographic collections, “wonders”, and a library containing forty thousand works), another important phase of the new refurbishment has been finished. What is opening to the public today in one of the most famous palaces in the city, the Fondaco dei Turchi, that is radically restored museum, on the one hand reclaims and develops its scientific and educational tradition and on the other appraises and proposes new tools and methods in terms of its contents and the exhibition layout. All of this is the fruition of the work of a committed group, which sees architects and communication professionals working alongside the museum’s scientific directors. We shall be more than pleased to let you have any additional information about the Museum and invite you to visit our offer page to discover our prices and availability for your next holiday in Venice at the Hotel Alle Guglie.

Du 3 décembre 2009 au 7 mars 2010

Zoran Music, Extreme Figure at Palazzo Franchetti, Venice

zoran-music-veneziaThe city of Venice is paying a tribute to Zoran Music, the Dalmatian artist considered among the most important personalities of the Twentieth century, with a great exhibition hosted at Palazzo Franchetti from 3rd December 2009 to 7th March 2010. ‘Zoran Music. Estreme figure’ celebrates the one hundredth anniversary of the artist’s birth and it is made of more than eighty works, among which oil paintings and works on paper, some of which are unknown and exhibited for the first time. In particular the latest thirty years of the artist’s painting career are the object of a study, when his stripped representation has become extreme. Music’s works, going through nearly all the last century, actually show, in their rough and simple mark, a stripping journey towards the attainment of the essence. Unfailing are the images of an interior and extremely intimate Venice, where the artist lived after the end of the Second World War, alternating it with Paris. Venice is the town where Music feels free and which, in his latest years, appears as enveloped in an ink darkness or in the orange glow of an oil pastel: there are the evocative visions of the Punta della Dogana, the Canale della Giudecca, the Molino Stucky and St. Mark’s Square.

Du 5 février 2010 au 16 février 2010

Sensation 2010, the Venice Carnival

carnevale2010The Venice Carnival is the most important and largest Venetian festival, a sparkling cocktail of tradition, entertainment, history and transgression in this unique city and a festival that attracts thousands of people from all around the world every year. The Carnival has very old origins, in fact it celebrates the passage from winter into spring, a time when seemingly anything is possible, including the illusion where the most humble of classes become the most powerful by wearing masks on their faces. The official start of the Venice Carnival dates back to 1296, when the Senate of the Republic made the Carnival official with an edict declaring the day before Lent a public holiday. After an interruption lasting almost two centuries, the tradition of Carnival was rediscovered by the Municipality in 1980 and since then it has taken place every year with huge success. The Venice Carnival 2010 shall be a “Sensation” Carnival again: to be heard, to be seen, to be touched, to be tasted and to be imagined.  A new Venice Carnival, concerning the five senses plus one, the mind, thought as the place of the soul: each sense will be located in a Venetian sestiere with the sixth one in St. Mark’s Square directly. Our Hotel Alle Guglie, being in Cannaregio district, shall be in the middle of the sense of “taste” that shall be the focus of the food and beverage events in all the sestiere, with lots of presentations dedicated to the theme along the streets and just in front of our hotel and the Guglie Bridge. This Carnival format will keep of course the events of its tradition, such as the flight of the Dove, the Feast of the Maries and all the streets and palaces fantastic and exciting parties but will decisively break off with the past as well, with the aim to join the city to all the sensations and feelings of the people. Should you want to have additional information about the Venice Carnival Sensation 2010, fell free to contact our team at the Hotel Alle Guglie; we shall be all more than pleased to provide you with the official program and with our best offer to spend an exciting break in Venice.

Du 31 décembre 2009 au 31 décembre 2009

LOVE 2010 New Year Celebration in St. Mark’s Square in Venice

love2010On December 31st, Love 2010, the sensual Venetian way of celebrating the beginning of the New Year, returns to St. Mark’s Square, ready to set the heart of the city and fire the senses of all the people and beating the most important night of the year. Once again, St. Mark’s Square shall host the New Year celebrations with a lot of music, toasts and fireworks that shall end in a huge and sensual common kiss: just one unanimous kiss to send a message of love, peace and brotherhood to the world and to transform Venice for one night into the world capital of Love. The show shall begin at 22:00 with a lot of music and with Doug Jack, Jessica Polsky and the Venezia Suona Big Band and an exciting lesson of kiss held by Prince Maurice with a lot of suggestion to obtain the Perfect Kiss with a test of kiss at the end of the lesson. At 24:00 the countdown and the big fantastic kiss to welcome 2010 with the notes of “the miracle of Love”! At 00:05 a Bellini toast just in front of the Doge’s Palace offered by the Canella Wine Factory and then the marvelous firework under the unique frame of the basin of St. Mark’s Square. After that music, dance and kisses again in Venice! Visit our offer page to discover our prices and availability for your next holiday in Venice at the Hotel Alle Guglie.

Du 10 octobre 2009 au 10 janvier 2010

Leonardo Da Vinci: The Vitruvian Man between art and science at the Accademia Gallery, Venice

uomo-vitruvianoIn Venice at the fabulous Accademia Gallery and after seven years since its last exhibition people has now the opportunity to watch the well-known Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawing “The Vitruvian Man”, that has the right to be the icon of Western civilization. The drawing has been stored at the Gallerie dell’Accademia since 1822, when the Austrian Government bought it, from the collector Giuseppe Bossi  who published it in 1810 after centuries of oblivion. The world-renowned Leonardo’s drawing, probably the most known and reproduced among Master Leonardo’s artworks, represents a perfect picture of Western culture, highlighting the double nature of man, that is physical and spiritual, and his role at the centre of the universe, namely a microcosm representing the cosmos on the base of the proportions of human body established in the II century B.C. by Vitruvio. Not by chance the drawing has become a symbol in the most different contexts: from the back side of 1 Euro coin, to the jerkins of Nasa astronauts. The exhibition is also provided with an expressly-made didactic equipment at the disposal of the blind too, as well as multimedia installations. A video showing hypothesis of geometrical and proportional reconstructions of the drawing, in the light of the latest studies and some large size video projections depicting the historical and cultural context in which the artistic work was created. The exhibition can be visited with an entrance ticket to the Museum which displays more than 80 not-to be missed masterpieces of art in Veneto as well. Visit all our Special Offer to discover our prices for your next holiday in Venice at the Hotel Alle Guglie.

Du 16 octobre 2009 au 1 novembre 2009

Classical Music Concerts at the Basilica dei Frari, Venice

Frari BasilicaOctober and November will be delighted by a succession of classical concerts at the Basilica dei Frari centering around the “king of instruments”, that is the organ. The Basilic has two beautiful organs called Piaggia and Callido both of the Seventeen century. This is the 39° edition of the concerts and has as its artist directors Margherita Gianola and Frà Riccadona, the parish of the Basilic. After a very lucky September the concerts will take place in October and November 2009 with a very rich program whit music of Jean Joseph Mouret, Vivaldi, Bach, Haendel, Wagner and Rheinberger, in cooperation with the Fenice Theatre as well. The dates of the next concerts will be October 16, 23 and 30 and November 1, they start at 21:00 and prices changes according to the concert itself. Visit all our Special Offer to discover our prices for your next holiday in Venice at the Hotel Alle Guglie.

Du 28 septembre 2009 au 25 octobre 2009

24° Venicemarathon Casinò di Venezia Trophy

Six thousand athlets from all over the world will gather in Venice on October 25th to put their stamina to the proof in the unique environment of the city, the lagoon and the palaces from the times of the Venetian Republic. More than six out of ten participants in the Venicemarathon Casinò di Venezia Trophy are foreigners, and more than seven out ten, this will be their first opportunity to visit the lagoon city. A boost to the Venicamarathon race, at its 24° edition this year, has been given by two advertising figureheads, Oscar Pistorius and Alex Zanardi. Both the multiple Paralympic champion and the great Formula One and Champ Car Series driver (today also a protagonist in the handbike scene) will participate themselves, to join also in the project “Accessible Venice, barriers are over-come at a run” supporting the initiative to facilitate the city’s usability of handicapped people. The starting line is in Strà – at 9:15 a.m. and follows the course of river Brenta, famous for the ancient Venetian noble villas, then across Mestre and the huge San Giuliano Park. After running along the bridge of Libertà – which links Venice to the mainland – athletes will enter in Venice and here the most spectacular show will start: unique surroundings which only Venice can offer! They will cross a floating bridge especially built for the occasion and after running past St. Mark’s Square and the Doge’s Palace, will cross the finish line in Riva Sette Martiri. Visit our web page to discover all our prices for your next holiday in Venice at the Hotel Alle Guglie.

Du 25 septembre 2009 au 10 janvier 2010

Palladio, the genius and Venice

The exhibition “Palladio and/in Venice” recalls this great architect’s life, his sometimes difficult relations with the universe of Venice, its governing class, its intellectuals, its clerics and religious, its publishers. Actually, though well connected with people in high social ranks, he never took up residence in Venice and never became a Venetian citizen. More than 300 works are displayed at the Correr Museum in St Mark’s Square through January 10th 2010: printed matters, manuscripts, documents and sketches, permitting to investigate Palladio’s Venetian environment and his activities in town, both theoretical work and building projects, whether just planned, actually realized, or meanwhile lost. Particular attention is paid to his hugely important contribution to the reshaping of Venice’s most distinctive and most symbolical cityscape: of St Mark’s Basin, for which he designed the facades of San Giorgio Maggiore, the votive church of the Redeemer, and the Zitelle complex (the two latter in Giudecca island), to an effect of extraordinary innovative power. The exhibition also emphasizes Palladio’s nature as a keen intellectual, publishing in Venice philology and archaeology related works, other than his successful 1570 treatise “The For Books on Architecture”. Visit our web page to discover all our prices for your next holiday in Venice at the Hotel Alle Guglie.