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Du 1 février 2017 au 31 décembre 2017 Dîner Romantique à lume de bougie compris dans le prix
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Du 29 août 2010 au 21 novembre 2010

12th International Architecture Exhibition – The Biennale in Venice

Biennale ArchitetturaThis year the 12th International Architecture Exhibition of Venice shall be held from August 29 till November 21, 2010 and shall have as new director the Japan architect Kazuyo Sejima. The aim of the exhibition, together with the Biennale, is to celebrate the art of building spaces and both shows no longer want to be the art of the representation and celebration and want, with optimism, to break with the past. What most strikes about this Biennale is the almost total absence of real architectural projects and examples of urban transformation whereas more weight has been given to the concepts of idea and research projected. Whereas the previous Exhibition in 2008 was characterized by a sort of pessimism, due to the smaller confidence deserved by the buildings in front of enormous and impersonal spaces, this one of 2010 is optimistic as it proposes a series of visions and real transformations of the spaces. In order to bring the Biennale back to the first place in the world, the organizers have tried to bring the world into the spaces of the Arsenale and the Giardini. The visitor must enter imagining the future of architecture on the Earth. You will see, then, suddenly, along the way, a cloud appear in a room: a sensory experience proposed by Transsolar & Tetsuo Kondo Architects, a small change within the space occupied by the cloud produces a transformation into the cloud itself and the environment. Immediately after you enter a dark space in which, at times, the water games and strobe lights by Olafur Eliasson explode: a stunning and hypnotic experience. Our Reception shall be more than pleased to let you have any additional information about all these events and invite you to visit our offer page to discover our prices and availability for your next holiday in Venice at the Hotel Alle Guglie.