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Del 1 junio 2011 al 30 septiembre 2011

Art Biennale 2011, Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation

bevilacqualamasaFrom the beginning of June till September 2011 in Venice on the occasion of the Biennale Art Exhibition, the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation offer to all Venetian tourists 4 different exhibitions based around young artists and the experimental art in particular. The first exhibition shall be held at Palazzetto Tito near Campo San Barnaba from May 31 with the title “Enrico David’s First Italian Solo Show”. This young Italian artist from Ancona, after his education in the UK and a participation in the Biennale 2003 and 2009, has held a solo show at the ICA in London in 2007 and been given a residency at the Schaulager in Basel in 2010. His paintings and sculptures owe a big deal to manual skill, featuring lattices, stylized human figures and  large mouths telling of expressive difficulties. The second exhibition shall be held in St. Mark’s Square Gallery from June 1 by the artist collective “Xijing Men”, featuring a Korean, a Japanese and a Chinese artist. The exhibition, that underlines with some irony a sort of make-believe capital of modern Asia, has been designed specifically for the rooms of the Gallery where a huge light blue flag of a fictious state is exposed, ironic symbol of the economic power and collective identity. The third exhibition shall be held in the same Gallery form June 2, with the name “Terrarium For Two Pubblishers” that is an adaption of the concept of the aquarium to a situation in which, instead, the books seem to spring up from the soil in which they are rooted, as if they were living beings. In Palazzo Carminati on San Stae and in the Complesso di Cosma e Damiano on the Giudecca Island shall be held from June 2 the “Open Studios – Atelier 2001” dedicated every year to 12 young artists coming from Northeast of Italy. All the visitors can enter into the Atelier in every moment and participate to the various work phases, from the planning stage to the final realization of paintings sculptures or installations. Contact our reception at the Hotel Alle Guglie at any time for further information about this event.