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Del 24 octubre 2010 al 24 octubre 2010

25th Venice Marathon 2010

25VeniceMarathonThe 25th Venice Marathon shall be run on October 24th 2010 this year, the fourth Sunday of the month of October as usual and shall be a very special edition with a new distance along the Riviera, Mestre and Venice. The event is really unique and rare and take place in one of the most beautiful natural and cultural sceneries in the world: starting from Villa Pisani in Stra, the runners will pass along the Riviera del Brenta to end up at Riva dei Sette Martiri in Venice, just in St. Mark’s Square in front of the Basilca. The marathon, with its 7.000 enlistees coming from all over the words, has this year also some facilities to allow the disabled to participate to the competition, as the 13 bridges along the last bit of the route have specific temporary wooden ramps. The competition will start at 9.20 am, while the competition for the disabled will start at 9.15 am. The total lenght of the Marathon is 26,224 miles. The Venice Marathon is indeed sensitive to those social issues that mostly involve our society, and so this year the causes supported are three. The first of them “Run for Water, Run for Life”, created with Africa Mission – Cooperation and Development, is a fundraising initiative to build wells in the region of Karamoja, one of the poorest in Uganda. The Venice Marathon supports also “Bimbingamba”, a charity organization created by the former Formula 1 pilot Alex Zanardi and Sergio Campo, the founder of the Associazione Niccolò Campo, that wants to help all those children who have lost one or more limbs. “Adopt a Bridge for Venice”, the third initiative of this year, allows Companies to link their names to one of the thirteen bridges along the route, making them part of the causes that the Venice Marathon is supporting. Our Reception shall be more than pleased to let you have any additional information about all these events and invite you to visit our offer page to discover our prices and availability for your next holiday in Venice at the Hotel Alle Guglie.