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Del 25 septiembre 2009 al 10 enero 2010

Palladio, the genius and Venice

The exhibition “Palladio and/in Venice” recalls this great architect’s life, his sometimes difficult relations with the universe of Venice, its governing class, its intellectuals, its clerics and religious, its publishers. Actually, though well connected with people in high social ranks, he never took up residence in Venice and never became a Venetian citizen. More than 300 works are displayed at the Correr Museum in St Mark’s Square through January 10th 2010: printed matters, manuscripts, documents and sketches, permitting to investigate Palladio’s Venetian environment and his activities in town, both theoretical work and building projects, whether just planned, actually realized, or meanwhile lost. Particular attention is paid to his hugely important contribution to the reshaping of Venice’s most distinctive and most symbolical cityscape: of St Mark’s Basin, for which he designed the facades of San Giorgio Maggiore, the votive church of the Redeemer, and the Zitelle complex (the two latter in Giudecca island), to an effect of extraordinary innovative power. The exhibition also emphasizes Palladio’s nature as a keen intellectual, publishing in Venice philology and archaeology related works, other than his successful 1570 treatise “The For Books on Architecture”. Visit our web page to discover all our prices for your next holiday in Venice at the Hotel Alle Guglie.