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From 3 December 2009 to 7 March 2010

Zoran Music, Extreme Figure at Palazzo Franchetti, Venice

zoran-music-veneziaThe city of Venice is paying a tribute to Zoran Music, the Dalmatian artist considered among the most important personalities of the Twentieth century, with a great exhibition hosted at Palazzo Franchetti from 3rd December 2009 to 7th March 2010. ‘Zoran Music. Estreme figure’ celebrates the one hundredth anniversary of the artist’s birth and it is made of more than eighty works, among which oil paintings and works on paper, some of which are unknown and exhibited for the first time. In particular the latest thirty years of the artist’s painting career are the object of a study, when his stripped representation has become extreme. Music’s works, going through nearly all the last century, actually show, in their rough and simple mark, a stripping journey towards the attainment of the essence. Unfailing are the images of an interior and extremely intimate Venice, where the artist lived after the end of the Second World War, alternating it with Paris. Venice is the town where Music feels free and which, in his latest years, appears as enveloped in an ink darkness or in the orange glow of an oil pastel: there are the evocative visions of the Punta della Dogana, the Canale della Giudecca, the Molino Stucky and St. Mark’s Square.