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Du 1 février 2017 au 31 décembre 2017 Dîner Romantique à lume de bougie compris dans le prix
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Du 10 octobre 2009 au 10 janvier 2010

Leonardo Da Vinci: The Vitruvian Man between art and science at the Accademia Gallery, Venice

uomo-vitruvianoIn Venice at the fabulous Accademia Gallery and after seven years since its last exhibition people has now the opportunity to watch the well-known Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawing “The Vitruvian Man”, that has the right to be the icon of Western civilization. The drawing has been stored at the Gallerie dell’Accademia since 1822, when the Austrian Government bought it, from the collector Giuseppe Bossi  who published it in 1810 after centuries of oblivion. The world-renowned Leonardo’s drawing, probably the most known and reproduced among Master Leonardo’s artworks, represents a perfect picture of Western culture, highlighting the double nature of man, that is physical and spiritual, and his role at the centre of the universe, namely a microcosm representing the cosmos on the base of the proportions of human body established in the II century B.C. by Vitruvio. Not by chance the drawing has become a symbol in the most different contexts: from the back side of 1 Euro coin, to the jerkins of Nasa astronauts. The exhibition is also provided with an expressly-made didactic equipment at the disposal of the blind too, as well as multimedia installations. A video showing hypothesis of geometrical and proportional reconstructions of the drawing, in the light of the latest studies and some large size video projections depicting the historical and cultural context in which the artistic work was created. The exhibition can be visited with an entrance ticket to the Museum which displays more than 80 not-to be missed masterpieces of art in Veneto as well. Visit all our Special Offer to discover our prices for your next holiday in Venice at the Hotel Alle Guglie.