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Superior quality Books and Events in Venice

VenicebookIn Venice, San Marco 3717, you may find the editorial company Lineadacqua that, with more than 20.000 books sold every year, is an an innovative company whose philosophy is founded on the idea of a combination of diverse elements: quality and innovation, culture and passion, friendship and fine wine. Lineadacqua’s products include books and events of superior quality, both in content and in form. Some examples are “Venice Food and Wine” of M. E. Chojnacka, an unique trip in the the preparation and enjoyment of seafood in Venice, a city on the sea and of the sea; for Venetians the sea has historically represented nothing less than freedom: freedom to move by boat through the city and beyond, freedom from invasion, and freedom from hunger. The Venice of today is a mix of tradition and innovation, and this book is a celebration of that combination. With its recipes and reflections on fish and wine, this book offers you the chance to bring a bit of Venice into your kitchen and onto your table. And as you enjoy these dishes with family and friends, remember that you are sharing in the story of the Adriatic Sea, its bounty, its history and its crown jewel, Venice itself. And again “When Venice Floods” of Giannandrea Mencini, dedicated to the Venetian tides; because of its exceptional morphology, built inside a lagoon, Venice has always been sensitive to this happening. The city is deluged by water several times a year, particularly between October and February when low pressure and cyclonic disturbances are more frequent. For all the others books we invite you to visit, we remind you that all the books can be bought in the Hotel Alle Guglie as well, and that we are more than pleased to let you have any information you need about our prices and special offer for the next seasons.