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Del 10 marzo 2010 al 31 diciembre 2010

Natural History Museum at Fondaco dei Turchi Venice

Museo Storia NaturaleThe Natural History Museum of Venice is going to open again from March 10, 2010 with a restored and welcoming venue for the scientific and naturalistic education of new generations in particular. This new and fascinating exhibition is held at the Fondaco dei Turchi in Venice, very closed to the Hotel Alle Guglie, and has new eleven rooms, a new reception area and big garden outside the building. A museological approach and a museological system, both of them with a  modern and original scheme. After the total restoration carried out over the last few years, which led to the reorganisation and updating of the museum system, and after the complete restoration of the collections (which cover a chronological scale spanning 700 million years, with two million exhibits; zoological, entomological and botanic collections; fossils and anatomical preparations, as well as ethnographic collections, “wonders”, and a library containing forty thousand works), another important phase of the new refurbishment has been finished. What is opening to the public today in one of the most famous palaces in the city, the Fondaco dei Turchi, that is radically restored museum, on the one hand reclaims and develops its scientific and educational tradition and on the other appraises and proposes new tools and methods in terms of its contents and the exhibition layout. All of this is the fruition of the work of a committed group, which sees architects and communication professionals working alongside the museum’s scientific directors. We shall be more than pleased to let you have any additional information about the Museum and invite you to visit our offer page to discover our prices and availability for your next holiday in Venice at the Hotel Alle Guglie.