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From 1 February 2017 to 31 December 2017 Complimentary Romantic Candle Light Dinner
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From 1 June 2011 to 30 September 2011

Art Biennale 2011, Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation

bevilacqualamasaFrom the beginning of June till September 2011 in Venice on the occasion of the Biennale Art Exhibition, the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation offer to all Venetian tourists 4 different exhibitions based around young artists and the experimental art in particular. The first exhibition shall be held at Palazzetto Tito near Campo San Barnaba from May 31 with the title “Enrico David’s First Italian Solo Show”. This young Italian artist from Ancona, after his education in the UK and a participation in the Biennale 2003 and 2009, has held a solo show at the ICA in London in 2007 and been given a residency at the Schaulager in Basel in 2010. His paintings and sculptures owe a big deal to manual skill, featuring lattices, stylized human figures and  large mouths telling of expressive difficulties. The second exhibition shall be held in St. Mark’s Square Gallery from June 1 by the artist collective “Xijing Men”, featuring a Korean, a Japanese and a Chinese artist. The exhibition, that underlines with some irony a sort of make-believe capital of modern Asia, has been designed specifically for the rooms of the Gallery where a huge light blue flag of a fictious state is exposed, ironic symbol of the economic power and collective identity. The third exhibition shall be held in the same Gallery form June 2, with the name “Terrarium For Two Pubblishers” that is an adaption of the concept of the aquarium to a situation in which, instead, the books seem to spring up from the soil in which they are rooted, as if they were living beings. In Palazzo Carminati on San Stae and in the Complesso di Cosma e Damiano on the Giudecca Island shall be held from June 2 the “Open Studios – Atelier 2001” dedicated every year to 12 young artists coming from Northeast of Italy. All the visitors can enter into the Atelier in every moment and participate to the various work phases, from the planning stage to the final realization of paintings sculptures or installations. Contact our reception at the Hotel Alle Guglie at any time for further information about this event.

From 4 June 2011 to 27 November 2011

54th Contemporary Art Exhibition Biennale in Venice and Tintoretto

ultima-cena-tintorettoIn Venice from June 4th, 2011 the 54th International Exhibition of Contemporary Art entitled this year ILLUMinations shall have an important and symbolic role in Tintoretto, one of the most important Venetian artist ever. Bice Curiger, the director of the 2011 Art Sector for the Venice Biennale, has underlined the opportunity to establish an intense dialogue with the past and present artists but with all who want to approach art as well. In order to reach such an artistic, historical, and emotional connection with the great Venetian painter and with Venice, 3 more big works by Jacopo Robusti, known as the Tintoretto, will also be shown at the show of the 2011 Art Biennale. In particular the works will be “The Last Supper”, from the Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore, the “Theft of the body of St. Mark” and the “Creation of the Animals”, both preserved in the Accademia Gallery. Exceptionally this year, the award ceremony, the inauguration, and the official opening will all coincide: the Biennale will open to the public on June 4th, 2011 at 10am and the opening ceremony will be held at 12pm. But there shall be even 37 collateral events proposed by international organizations and institutions that shall set up their exhibits and their initiatives in various parts of the city, which will coincide with the Biennale. The collateral events offer a wide range of contributions and investments that enrich the program of the 54th International Exhibition in an original and important way. Our 24h Reception at the Hotel Alle Guglie shall be more than pleased to let you have any additional information about the Biennale  and invite you to visit our Special Offer page as well to discover our prices and availability for your next holiday in Venice with us.

From 20 April 2011 to 30 September 2011

The Living museum of Arzanà – the secrets of Venice

ArzanàVenice has a lot of secrets and a lot of unexplored corners like a small yet exceptional museum, scarcely known and thus almost a secret, which contains unique old Venetian boats. The world of traditional Venetian boats can be considered as a sort of cultural heritage which would have disappeared were it not for the work and passion of the Venetian association, with the dantesque name of  ‘Arzanà’ (Arsenal in Venetian dialect), that for the last ten years has been safeguarded, preserved and studied. Once upon a time a huge variety of boats sailed up and down the Venetian canals: in fact in 1600 there were nearly 10.000 boats all around the Laguna, gondole di pirata, gondola di cassata, caorline, sandali, etc. With the advent of the first motor boats, the heritage of traditional boats was in danger of being lost but with the aim to prevent typical Venetian boats from falling into oblivion the Arzanà Association acquired the old Squero (the place where small boats were built in the past) ‘Casal dei Servi’ in Cal delle Pignatte in Cannaregio, that has been  transformed into an exceptional little ‘living museum’. Please be aware that you shall find a unique boats collection inside the museum, built all with an old artisanal and almost lost  workshops. One of the strongest pieces in the collection is the gondolin da fresco, the only example in the world which remains in perfect condition. This type of gondola, used for ‘strolls’ on the water in the summer, was often made less weighty in order to be faster. The Hotel Alle Guglie is very closed to this unique museum and our reception shall be more than please to let you have all the necessary information to visit it. Do not forget to visit our Special Offer page to find the proper offer for your next vacation in Venice.

From 4 June 2011 to 27 November 2011

54° Venice International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia

Biennale 2011The 54° International Art Exhibition of Venice shall take place from Saturday June 4, 2011 until Sunday November 27, 2011 in the Giardini and the Arsenale, two of the most beautiful and unknown corners of Venice.  The Biennale, managed this year by Bice Curinger,  is one of the most important forum in the world for the dissemination and the illumination of current developments in international art, with the title of “ILLUMInazioni – ILLUMInations”. The exhibition will be shown in the Central Pavilion in the Giardini and in the Arsenale, through a special itinerary showing the creations of 82 artists from all over the world, including 32 young artists born after 1975, as well as 32 women artists. As usual, the Exhibition will be paralleled by 88 National Participations, a record for the Biennale Arte (they were 77 in 2009), housed in the historical Pavilions in the Giardini, in the Arsenale, as well as in other locations around Venice. The famous Italian Vittorio Sgarbi shall be the curator of the Italian Pavilion – Padiglione Italiano in the Arsenale, organized by the Ministry for the Cultural Heritage and Activities together with PaBAAC – General Direction for landscape, fine arts, architecture and contemporary art. The countries that shall be participating for the first time will be Andorra, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Haiti. Other countries will be participating after a long period of absence: India (1982), Congo (1968), Iraq (1990), Zimbabwe (1990), South Africa (1995), Costa Rica (1993, afterwards with IILA), Cuba (1995, afterwards with IILA). More than 40 Collateral Events will be arranged by international organizations and institutions, which will set up their exhibitions and initiatives in various locations around the city on the occasion of the Biennale. Our Reception at the Hotel Alle Guglie shall be more than pleased to let you have any additional information about the 2011 International Art Exhibition and invite you to visit our Special Offer page as well to discover our prices and availability for your next holiday in Venice with us.

From 11 December 2010 to 25 April 2011

The Adventure of the Glass – a millennium of Art in Venice

vetro-barovier-tosoAfter nearly 30 years form the last exhibition, held in the far 1982, the Civic Museum of Venice, from December 11, 2010 until April 25, 2011, shall organize a big exhibition dedicated to the glass art entitled “The Adventure of the Glass” in the fantastic stage of the Correr Museum. Some of the material on display will be borrowed from the homonymous exhibition which has terminated recently at the Castello del Buonconsiglio in Trento, in addition many other objects will be added in order to properly celebrate the millennium of the history of glass in Venice and its lagoon. With more than three hundred pieces on display, the great exhibition at the Correr Museum just in the St. Mark’s Square covering all the stages of the extraordinary adventure of glass in Venice, from appearance on the lagoon, during the classical age, of glass coming from remote areas, to the ever-closer union between glass and design that represents the present and the future of the Murano glass production. Besides, for the first time in the city, a further selection of more than one hundred works coming from the private collection Maschietto will be added. These glass figurines, with Venetian and the comedy of art masks, charming female nudes, costumes and subjects of fantasy along with a selection of nineteenth-century drawings on Carnival, from the collections of the Correr Museum, will be placed in one of the sumptuous rooms on the first floor of the Museum. The Hotel Alle Guglie shall be more than pleased to let you have any additional information about this interesting exhibition and invite you to visit our Special Offer page as well to discover our prices and availability for your next holiday in Venice.

From 26 February 2011 to 8 March 2011

Venice Carnival 2011, An Open City for All the People

ArlecchinoThe Carnival of Venice shall be from February 26 to March 8 this year and the city shall be transformed into a unique and fabulous open air theatre. Every hidden corner of Venice shall be dedicated to the Carnival and all over will be a flowering of theatre pieces, concerts, special itineraries, cultural events for both tourists and locals. Comedy of art shows and Historical Re-enactments will be performed in the most popular squares of the city, called Campi, while the street artists entertainments and the circus theater shows will be planned in every district in order to create a rich and surprising program every day, for most part of the day, and for all the people. For the Venice Carnival 2011 Special itineraries, invented by theatre actors, will let the most curious and creative visitors discover the hidden corners of the city and the secrets of Carnival, concealed in the curiously named venetian “Calli”. In order to keep Venice open for the Carnival all the local churches will be open in the evenings too, in order to offer a repertoire of classical and contemporary music, and allowing the people to experience these unique worship places during the night time. The main cultural circles in town, museums and art galleries, will join the Carnival atmosphere as well by extending their opening days and time frame, allowing everybody to enjoy the culture all day till late night. Our Reception shall be more than pleased to let you have any additional information about the 2011 Venice Carnival and its program and invite you to visit our Special Offer page to discover prices and availability for your next holiday in Venice at the Hotel Alle Guglie.

From 26 February 2011 to 8 March 2011

Carnival 2011 in Venice: The Grand Foyer of St. Mark’s Square

carnevale2011The Grand Foyer of St. Mark shall be the main theatrical structure equipped just in the middle of the Square to host the all the most important Carnival shows and performances, from the the traditional ones to the most innovative and trendy: from the “Volo dell’Angelo” that starts the Carnival and belongs to one of the most ancient Venetian tradition, the “Festa delle Marie” dedicated to the most beautiful Venetian girls and the “Maschera più bella – The best masked costumes contest”. This last contest shall be held on Sunday march 6 directly on the stage in St. Mark’s Square. An international jury will select not only the best costumes, but also their colors, originality, beauty, savoir faire and bearing. This year two different prizes will be given: one, as usual, for the best mask of the Carnival, and the second one for the best nineteenth century style mask. But the Gran Foyer shall also host all the choreographic companies shows, the international circus-theater performances, the parades and the comedians’ entertainment and all the live concerts organized by the DJs of the national media partners. And more, every evening from 8 pm the waltzes and tango balls and again, the cocktail time entertainment where the Dj sets will offer the stimulating happy hours of the Carnival 2011. Our Reception shall be more than pleased to let you have any additional information about the 2011 Carnival in Venice and invite you to visit our Special Offer page to discover all the prices and availability for your next holiday in Venice at the Hotel Alle Guglie.

From 23 December 2010 to 28 December 2010

Christmas 2010 in Venice: Lights and Music in St. Mark’s Square

Natale 2010“Winter in Venice” is a smart and rich list of Christmas events in Venice starting from December 23 up to December 28, 2010. The program is really very interesting and rich and includes the event “Lights and Music in St. Mark’s Square“: five absolutely free classical music concerts that will take place between Christmas Eve and the Boxing Day, in the incredible scenery of the most romantic square in the world. A special and unique Cassarmonica, realized by Mariano Light, a worldwide company famous all over theworld for its bright sceneries, shall be set in St. Mark Square and shall be the perfect stage for the Christmas and tradition music up to December 26, 2010.  The Cassarmonica will host five events of classical and traditional Christmas music, presented by students of the Conservatory of Music “B. Marcello in Venice, and will host the artists who will enliven the New Year’s Eve. The calendar of “Lights and music in St. Mark’s Square” is as follow:
Thursday 23 Dec. – at 5.00 p.m.
Friday 24 Dec – at 12.00 a.m.
Sunday 26 Dec. – at 5.00 p.m.
Monday 27 Dec. – at 5.00 p.m.
Tuesday 28 Dec. – at 12.00 a.m.
Should you want to have any additional information about the Christmas and the “Winter in Venice”, do not hesitate to contact our reception at any time at the Hotel Alle Guglie; we also invite you to visit our Special Offers page to discover our availability and prices for your next stay in Venice.

From 31 December 2010 to 31 December 2010

Love 2011 – New Year’s EVE 2011 in St.Mark Square, Venice

Capodanno11This 2011 New Year’Eve in Venice shall be “LOVE 2011 VENICE” again with a big and sensual common kiss at midnight in St.Mark Square just in the centre of the most and beautiful city of the world! A special and uncommon Cassarmonica , designed by Mariano Light famous worldwide for its lights, shall be set in the middle of the square. This brilliant carousel- shaped stage, topped by a cupola, will perform a perfect acoustic amplification in order to make the sound audibled from anywhere in the Square, where the show “Love 2011” will start from 10.30 p.m., presented by the speaker Mauro Marino and the ever pleasant Prince Maurice. The romantic and bright setting created by the resonance will be enhanced by thirty blown glass balls from Murano Island, having different diameter and colours, arranged in such a way as to create a subtle play of lights and reflections. From 11.00 p.m. everybody will be offered aperitifs by Bellini Cannella,  with its brand new lightweight aluminum new bottle created especially for the Venetian New Year’s Eve. Just after the countdown of the midnight, a fantastic sensual and huge kiss shall take place in the square and stunning fireworks show shall light the water basin of Venice. The fireworks shall be organized by the Parente Fireworks, already appreciated in Venice for its amazing performances created for the Feast of Redentore in the last three years. The show will represent the first moment to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy and thus the Italian flag will be the leitmotif. Then DJ Paolo Negri will start with a lot of soft and romantic music which will envelop the most famous square in the world in order to let everybody dance until 1.30 a.m. Our Reception shall be more than pleased to let you have any additional information about the 2011 New Year’s EVE and invite you to visit our Special Offer page to discover our prices and availability for your next holiday in Venice at the Hotel Alle Guglie.

From 28 February 2011 to 8 March 2011

Venice Carnival 2011

Carnevale 2011The 2011 Venice Carnival from February 28 to March 8, 2001 shall be completely new next year when compared with the previous editions as the new art director shall be Davide Rampello, who has a long experience in events and communication. Next year edition shall be very lucky as there shall be a couple of important celebrations during the Carnival:  the 150° Anniversary of Italy and the Woman’s Day on March 8, 2001 exactly on the “Fat Tuesday”. These two events have inspired the name of the 2011 Venetian Carnival as “Eight Hundred – from Sense to Sissy, the city of women” with reference to 1954 Lucchino Visconti’s movie dedicated to Princess Sissy and her timeless elegance. The 2011 Carnival edition shall be open with the traditional “Venetian Feast” and closed with a silent parade of row boats along a candle light Gran Canal. All the museums, art galleries and churches shall be open till late hosting a lot of different events, expositions and shows with the aim to join art and people in a big and cultural hug with the city. Our Reception shall be more than pleased to let you have any additional information about the Venice Carnival and its program invite you to visit our Special Offer page to discover our prices and availability for your next holiday in Venice at the Hotel Alle Guglie.